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Of course, it is impossible to disagree with the fact that the color "chinchilla" is one of the most beautiful and spectacular among all the colors of Scottish cats. These colors are now at the peak of popularity, but at the same time, they are still rare, expensive and exclusive.
This is due to the incredible difficult work on these colors, which includes various "surprises", which require a large amount of knowledge in the field of felinology.

What kind of difficulties am I talking about?
The silver group of colors can certainly be called an isolated group of colors. This means that in order to obtain a high-quality color that complies with the established standard, it is necessary to conduct mating between cats of the same color. In other words, mating a Scottish cat of Chinchilla color with a cat of classicalsolid color you will not be able to get kittens of high-quality chinchilla color due to the instability of silver colors and the characteristics of their genetics. Therefore, one of the main tasks for a breeder is to form the "purity" of the color, while maintaining the type inherent in this breed. We already spoke about the breed type earlier in another article.

Taking into account the above, it becomes clear that the breeding of Scottish chinchillas - this is not an easy thing. It is constantly required to seek a compromise in order to simultaneously improve the color and preserve the type of animals.

Some nurseries decided to follow the next tactics:
They are mating Scottish chinchillas with cats in classic colors. Such mating can significantly improve the type, but, unfortunately, it is fraught with loss of quality tipping - the main sign of chinchilla color. Usually, kittens from mating chinchilla and single-colored cat - this is the so-called "intermediate" version of color: not chinchilla and not tabby. Also saturated green eye color is lost. Thus, most kittens from such a pair are not show cats. Only some cats from such a pair can be selected for further breeding, if the breeder has a clear plan for further actions to restore tipping and eye color.
Sometimes you need to work with more than one generation in order to achieve the desired result. Each such generation is about 1.5 years of work (cat mating, pregnancy, getting kittens, raising a kitten left in the cattery until adulthood, mating it, and so on).

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