Scottish cats cattery AlvaRoss

Favorite cats in the cattery... or why exactly is he??!

I love all my kittens. Absolutely all, without exaggeration! And even before they are born.

But they were born and HE first opened his eyes, he first folded his ears, he first learned to purr from the touch, he first runs from the "nest" to meet you when you go into the room.

He is the only kitten from the litter who first learned to climb into your bed and under your blanket.
HE touches your hair with his paws before bed and tickles your face with whiskers in the morning.
He has the best ears and the longest tail of all...

You call him in honor of your favorite movie actor, despite the fact that this is not a cat's name 🙂
He has a status of "under observation of cattery" for a very long time and you are already mentally selecting for him a breeding pair.
And then you realize - you do not have a breeding pair for him ... and you decide. And reluctantly you sign his photo with the words "for sale?".
And you say his price as millions of millions, so that no one definitely buy it 🙂

And HE is already your best friend and always near, running after you like a tail and waiting for the moment when you sit down, so that he can get to you on your knees ... He is the most affectionate and active cat in the litter.

And now, he is almost 4 months old, and you realize that the time has come. That you need to look for the best mom for him. Mom with the kindest heart that will love him more than I do. And he will love her. Something like this...

So, AlvaRoss Brad Pitt - SFS ns 11(25). Date of birth - 10.01.2017. For sale.

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