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Absolu Caramel

Title: 2 CAC (WCF)  
Sex: female (0.1)
Date of birth: April 03, 2017
Breed: Scottish Straight (SCS)
Color: black golden shaded (ny 11)
Sire: Magic Box'Kuinji (SCS ay 25)
Dam: Absolu Hennessy (SFS ny 25)
Breeder: Olga Sulyagina
Owner: Natalia Efremova


parents grandparents great-grandparents great-great-grandparents
Magic Box'Kuinji
SCS ay 25
Magic Box'Darik
SFS ny 25
Snow City's Krosh
SCS ay 25
Int.Ch. (WCF) Magic Box'Jerome
BRI ny 25
Ch. (WCF) Magic Box'Irena
SFS ns 22
Magic Box'Zlata
BRI ny 11
Gr.Int.Ch. (WCF) Gilbert Polar Light
SCS ns 25
Int.Ch. (WCF) Magic Box'Christine
SFS ns 22 
Laisy Navadall
SCS ay 25 (green eyes)
Ch. (WCF) Charlie Delice
SFS ny 25
Ch. (WCF) Du Percival Jack Pot
SFS ns 25
Ch. (WCF) Afrodita L'Mur of Delice
SCS a 21 33
Magic Box'Fi Dzhiliya
SCS b 21 33
Ch. (WCF) Magic Box'Jerome
BRI ny 25
Gr.Int.Ch. (WCF) Flash's Asturija Talisman
Absolu Hennessy
SFS ny 25
Ch. (WCF) Sun-City's Enisey
SCS ny 25
Sun-City's Eroshka
SFS ny 25
Int.Ch. (WCF) Lavrentij Velvet Tiger
SFS ny 24
Du Blue D'Or Argentin Nuance's Golden Clarinda
BRI ny 25
Du Blue D'Or Argentin Nuance's Golden Clarinda
BRI ny 25
Florestan Zur Rauberhohle
BRI ny 25
Penny Lane Moulin D'Amelghem
BRI ny 25
Ch. Absolu Lalie
SFS ns 11 33
BRI ns 11
W.Ch. (WCF) Greendale Sargeant Pepper
BRI ns 11
Ch. (WCF) Ingeborga
SCS ns 11
SFS ns 24
Int.Ch. (WCF) Favorite Toy's Nord Bastian
SFS ns 22
BRI ns 24

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