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Silver Chinchilla Point

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Silver chinchilla point – cats that remind me of Russian snowy winters. When everything is covered with crystal white snow and frost drew couture patterns on the windows. Let's add a bright sun to this picture. Now soft snow shimmers with silver, as does the coat of silver chinchillas. And the sky looks even bluer, reminding the bottomless eyes of silver chinchilla points. Such a cat is a winter fairy tale.

I breed purebred Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight cats of colors that belong to the “silver chinchilla point” group:

  • ns 11 33 black silver shaded point with blue eyes;
  • ns 12 33 black silver chinchilla point with blue eyes.
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Is it a color point?

Yes. The silver chinchilla point is the color of the pointed colors group. Siamese cats gave these colors to other breeds. Do you remember what Siamese cats look like? Their body is colored one light color. They have marks (points) of a different color only on the face, ears, tail and legs. And these marks have a good contrast with a lighter body. Did you remember that? Perfect! Exactly this type of color is called color-point. But, due to the fact that the Scottish chinchillas have guard hairs on their points that are only colored for 1/8 of the length, this color does not have such a contrast. Markings are very bright and do not have clear boundaries with body color.

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Cat with blue eyes

The color of the eyes of the Scottish silver chinchilla points, according to the standard, can be different variations of blue hue. But, the more saturated the eye color is, the better. Look at the photo of my Scottish Fold cat Turmaline. He regularly receives compliments on social networks. It is very difficult not to notice such a spectacular cat: bottomless blue eyes, small ears, a white fur coat. And here I am with my blue-eyed beauty Jasmine. She recently took part in her first international cat show. Received excellent marks and individual compliments to her big blue eyes! And she met with representatives of such breeds as the British Shorthair, British Longhair and Persian, who were also representatives of this color.

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Above, I have already shown you some photos of my Scottish cats of silver chinchilla point color. Often I meet the comparison of their color with the color of the fur of the northern beast - arctic fox. Although, I think that this comparison is more appropriate for cats of silver chinchilla color (not pointed). They are very light, almost white. But they have silver points. In July 2018, Turmaline and Jasmine became parents for the first time. There were two boys in the litter: Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight. Both black silver shaded points. More information about available kittens can be found on the "Kittens for you" page.
I bring to your attention more photos of adult cats and kittens of this color:

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