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Scottish cat breed. How much information has already been said? But at the same time, how much more information can be said?
In other articles on our website you have already read that Scottish kittens can have different lengths of fur and many different colors.
By type of fur, there are short-haired Scottish kittens (Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight) and long-haired Scottish kittens (Highland fold and Highland Straight).
It will take a long time to describe the colors of kittens of this breed.
In this article we will touch on the question of what ears Scottish kittens and Scottish cats have! 
Historically, the goal of breeding a Scottish cat was to get kittens with folded ears. But, breeding work to obtain such kittens is not possible without straight-eared representatives of the Scottish breed of cats that do not have folds on the ears.

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What is the ear shape of the Scottish Straight kittens?

What ears do Scottish Straight kittens have?
The straight-eared representatives of the Scottish cat breed have the following qualities:

  • Scottish straight-eared kittens and adult straight-eared cats have small ears;
  • their ears are not folded forward and down like Scottish Fold kittens have.
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Scottish Straight kittens colors

Scottish straight kittens have a variety of colors.

Today, the population of Scottish cats of some colors is very large. These are solid colors (not patterned), as well as some patterned colors (marble colors or spotty colors). Also there are colors of Scottish cats with a small population. These are variations of golden and silver chinchilla colors and variations of pointed colors. This is explained by the fact that getting Scottish Straight kittens in these colors has a number of features. Yes, you correctly assumed that this is due to genetics. It is possible to write a great article about this issue. I will definitely write it in the future 🙂
The work of our cattery is directed to work on getting Scottish Straight kittens of these rare colors!
In our cattery you can buy Scottish Straight kittens of the following colors:

AlvaRoss is always ready to offer you high-quality Scottish Straight kittens with emerald or blue eyes of these rare and precious colors! 🙂

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Scottish Straight kittens from AlvaRoss cattery

Photos of Scottish Straight kittens of chinchilla point colors from AlvaRoss.

Photos of Scottish Straight kittens of chinchilla color from AlvaRoss.

We will be glad to see you among our customers 🙂

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