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Golden Chinchilla Point

Golden chinchilla point – one of the rarest and most spectacular Scottish cats colors. Its main highlights are blue eyes and their natural makeup, which are presented to them by nature. The fact is that black gold chinchilla points are genetically black cats. Therefore, these almost completely white cats have a black eyeliner, their nose and lips are also colored black. And, of course, the paw pads are also black. This creates a special “natural make-up”, which is perfectly combined with sapphire eyes.

I breed purebred Scottish Fold and Scottsh Straght cats of colors that belong to the "Golden Chinchilla Point" group:

  • ny 11 33 black golden shaded point with blue eyes;
  • ny 12 33 black golden chinchilla point with blue eyes.
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ny 11 33 black golden shaded point

ny 11 33 – this is the code of black (n) golden (y) shaded (11) point (33) color. I have already told more about the "golden chinchilla" color in another article. In short, the tips of the guard hairs of golden shaded cats are colored in the main color for 1/3. In the case of ny 11 33 color, the main color is black. This is called tipping. A cat of ny 11 color has an apricot undercoat. It should look like gold. The ears, chin, chest and abdomen of a cat are also colored apricot. The nose, eyes and lips are colored dark chocolate or black. But, since ny 11 33 is the color of color-point group of colors, the “classic” coloring of the golden chinchilla remains only on the points: the muzzle, the ears, the paws and the tail. All other zones will be white. Eye color - blue.

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ny 12 33 black golden chinchilla point

ny 12 33 – this is the code of black (n) golden (y) ticked (12) point (33) – chinchilla point. I also told more about this color in the "Golden Chinchilla" article (link above). In short, the golden chinchilla ny 12 33 has the tips of the guard hair colored black for 1/8. Color requirements for undercoat, ears, chin, etc. same as for golden shaded cat. But, as I said in the previous paragraph, ny 12 33 is the color of the color-point group of colors. Therefore, you can see the color of a golden chinchilla only on points. The remaining zones will be white due to the action of the “color-point” gene. Eye color - blue.

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I plan to get Scottish kittens of this color in my cattery soon. Stay tuned to the “Kittens for You” page.

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