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Scottish Fold Golden Chinchilla Photo

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Incredibly beautiful cat! Just look at these emerald eyes... they can steal a heart at first sight. Have you noticed these ears? Small, folded... they create an amazing, alien image. This apricot fur coat... it is so soft to the touch. All this is said about the Scottish Fold golden chinchilla, the photo of which you can see below.

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Cat with emerald eyes

I love this color. And I'm definitely sure that I'm not alone in this. Representatives of this color may have eyes of the following colors: sea wave, emerald green, cornflower-green. Rich emerald color is the ideal. If you check reports from cat shows, then you will see that green-eyed chinchilla cats often and deservedly become winners. Their "fox" fur coat, huge emerald eyes with black eyeliner... They are like the sun: bright, unusual, mysterious. They attract attention. They know what it is to be in the spotlight.

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Scottish Fold golden chinchilla in photos

I’ve added photos of our Scottish Fold gold chinchilla to this page. For the first time a cat of this color appeared in the 1880s in the United States. About 50 years ago, the first British golden chinchilla cat was born - it was the result of a mating with a Persian cat of golden chinchilla color. Of course, that cat did not have such a “clean” and “bright” golden color, as modern Scottish Fold gold chinchillas have. But it was the first step towards what you can see now. If, looking at these photos, you want not only to save it, but also to learn more about these amazing cats or even become the owner of such a cutie - write me, I will be happy to answer all your questions.

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