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Our victories at the international cat show in Volgograd!

On 10-11 June 2017 we took part in the cat show "Pard of cats - VI", which was held on the international WCF system. We liked the exhibition very much! There were a lot of worthy cats! Excellent experts! We went home as winners...

June 10, 2017

In the WCF ring of adult animals under the judging of Elena Gudkova (WCF expert, AB - all breeds), our Scottish Straight girl MICHEL' ARTISAN entered the top 10 of the best animals, finishing 7th among 21 participants (WCF ring Adult VII/21), and our Favorit's N'Mike took 8th place (WCF ring Adult VII/21).
Michel became the best short-haired cat and the second best cat of the show on the results of the first day (Best Adult SH & Best of Best II)!

June 11, 2017

On this day a few of our cats took part in the Fun Ring (non-WCF) "Kilt-Cat" (expert - Svetlana Vlasenko). It is very pleasant to realize that all our cats have entered the TOP-10 of the best animals, and two of them have even entered the TOP-5 of the best animal of the ring!

The places were distributed as follows:
2 place - Favorit-s N'Mike (Fun Ring - SFS + SCS ring II place)
3 place - Mishel' Artisan (Fun Ring - SFS + SCS ring III place)
8 place - AlvaRoss Camilla (Fun Ring - SFS + SCS ring VIII place)
9 place - AlvaRoss Brad Pitt (Fun Ring - SFS + SCS ring IX place)
10 place - AlvaRoss Casper (Fun Ring - SFS + SCS ring X place)

According to the results of the final competition of the day - Best in Show - our AlvaRoss Camilla became the best female kitten - Best opposite sex kitten!

Mike became the best short-haired male cat (best opposite sex)!

All our animals were nominated for Best in Show, and also received titles and excellent descriptions from experts!

At the moment our luxury AlvaRoss Brad Pitt is available for sale! 

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