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New kittens were born!!!

On July 11, 2017 a joyful event happened in our cattery!

The first kittens, wonderful, long-awaited and already beloved babies were born from a beautiful breed pair:
from our new breeding male Mike (Favorit-S N'Mike - Scottish Fold of black silver shaded color - SFS ns 11, he was imported from Ukraine), and from our most affectionate and sweet beauty-cat Ksyushenka (Kayros Pride Xenia - Scottish Straight of black silver ticked color - SCS ns 25), with a chic silvery coat and bright green eyes.

There are 4 kittens in "E" litter: 2 boys and 2 girls. They weighed 87, 85, 79 and 74 grams at birth.
All kittens have the purest silver color, I guess their colors are ns 11 (black silver shaded), ns 25 (black silver ticked).
Possible carriers of delution and color-point genes.

Mommy feels good, the kids eat well and gain weight 🙂

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