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Mafdet Mint Hurma



Sex: female (0.1)
Date of birth: April 24, 2019
Breed: Scottish Fold SH
Color: black silver shaded (ns 11)
Sire: CH Mafdet Mint Joker (SFL ns 11)
Dam: CH Kora MaxelPoint (SFS y 11 33)
Breeder: Valentina Podkopeva
Owner: Natalia Efremova


parents grandparents great-grandparents great-great-grandparents
CH Mafdet Mint Joker
SFL: Silver Shaded Point
(SFL ns 11)
ICH Mafdet Mint Kupidon of Gold Rainbow
SSL: Shaded Silver
Gr.Int.Ch. Celeron Grande Mormot
SSS: Blue Silver Shaded
ICH Golden Incredibly Mystery`s Dream of Mormot
BRI: Shaded Golden
Shanell Anry Mormot
SFS: Chocolate Silver Shaded
ICH Rumfold Viola
SFS: Chocolate Silver Patched Spotted Tabby
GICH Rumfold Zab Juda
SFS: Red Silver Classic Tabby
Rumfold Perry
SSS: Chocolate Pich Spotted Tabby
Mafdet Mint Eureka
SFL: Silver Shaded Point
ICH Vanaheim Silver Boy
BRI: Silver Shaded
Kassius from Miracle Garden of Vanaheim 
BRI: Golden Ticked Tabby 
Lukrezia Peppercats of Vanaheim 
BRI: Silver Shaded
CH Mafdet Mint Pallada
SFL: Chocolate Silver Shaded
Gr.Int.Ch. Celeron Grande Mormot
SSS: Blue Silver Shaded
Mafdet Mint Bridget
SFS: Chocolate Silver Pich Cl Tabby
CH Kora MaxelPoint
SSS: Shaded Golden Point
(SFS y 11 33)
Uil-Grand MaxelPoint 
BRI: Golden Ticked Tabby 
ECH Wesley MaxelPoint
BRI: Blue Shaded Golden Point
GICH King Rainbow Cat City of Maxel Point
BRI: Golden Lynx Point
Fantastic Blue X-Tra-Cool of Golden Flame  
BRI: Blue Shaded Golden
Diana MaxelPoint
BRI: Golden Ticked Tabby
Urfin Jusse Golden Larel Cat
BRI: Golden Ticked Tabby
Steelaway Savannah
BRI: Shaded Golden
Honey MaxelPoint
SFS: Golden Shaded Point
CH Tomas MaxelPoint
SSS: Silver Shaded Point & White
Owhl Dandy 
SSS: Mitted: Chocolate Lynx Point & White
Ultra Cinderella
SFS: Silver Shaded Point
Victoria Elsa
SFS: Silver Shaded
CH Chantal Sherlok
SSS: Silver Shaded
Gosefina MaxelPoint
SFS: Golden Shaded Point

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