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What are kittens' classes?

In this article we will consider in detail the following question: "What are kittens' classes?".
This information will help you decide what kind of kitten you need: top-show, show, breed, pet?

Show class

Class "show" - cats of the highest quality.
Real diamonds, pride and advertising of cattery! All breeders try to make so kittens of this quality to be born regularly. Only professionalism, knowledge of the breed and long years of hard work can lead to such a high result!
Pure pedigree, full of champions, correctly matched pairs, taking into account all the pros and cons, rich genetics, the lines of famous catteries, the maximum compliance with the official standard for the phenotype - it's all about them, about the show kittens!
Such "precious children" have the same precious price. As a rule, kittens of show class stay in the cattery for further work or they are bought by other professional breeders, who sometimes wait for the birth of such kittens for more than one year. A fan of a particular breed, who can pay a round sum for a luxury pet, can also become the owner of a kitten of show class.

Professional breeding of Scottish Folds is not an easy task, which is beyond the power of newcomers!
There is a mass of "pitfalls", because it is a work with a natural mutation.
So, it must be taken into account that the kitten's class can change during development. Sometimes it happens that 3 months old kitten is just super and undoubtedly show-class, and by 6 months old, suddenly, the ears of kitten have become bad or the incorrect ending of the tail has appeared.

Based on this a serious breeder, knowing his lines, how they develop, can predict the "show" or "no show" class at the moment of litter registration, but nothing more. And can not give guarantees for further development. Listen to the breeder or not - it's your choice. 
It is possible that your "seventh sense" will not fail you and you will become the proud owner of a luxury representative of the breed, which will delight you with victories at exhibitions and delight your guests. Yes, it's expensive, but quality can not be cheap!

I also want to add that the kitten's belonging to the high class can be confirmed only by showing this kitten to a licensed expert (for example: in a club or at cat show). The kitten will be carefully examined by a specialist and if the kitten does not have disqualifying defects, and the kitten will be rated at least "excellent", then such kitten will have the right to be called "show class".

Class "top show" can be assigned to a kitten no younger than 3 months old, who received descriptions and ratings "excellent", and also Best of Best Kitten nomination.

Breed class

Class "breed" - only female kittens, because the requirements for male kittens are more stringent.
Cats of breed class are "workhorses", which are used for breeding.
They are forgiven for minor flaws, such as, for example, flaws in color, lack of color in the eyes, and post of ears.
But, in general, such cats must comply with the standard and should not have disqualifying defects.
Most likely, cats of this class will not be able to compete in shows with show animals and get high titles, but they are necessary for use in breeding.
If the breeder chooses the right male cat, then the female cat of breed class will be able to give birth to kittens of good quality. Breed class is the best choice for those who have recently become a breeder.

Pet class

Class "pet" - kittens that are inferior to their breed and show class brothers and sisters by any signs. 
They are also pedigreed kittens, but their phenotype is not strong enough, or they have "visible flaws", which, in fact, do not allow them to participate in cat shows and breeding.
Class pet can be determined by the felinologist-breeder at the age of one and a half months old during litter registration.
The cost of kittens of this class is significantly lower than previous classes! Such kittens are sold, mostly without documents, under the terms of the mandatory sterilization/castration, in order to prevent the spread of flaws and weak phenotypes.
But, you need to take into account the unpredictability of breed Scottish fold. Sometimes an unremarkable kitten can grow and become a worthy representative of the breed for the joy of its owners. Proper care, nutrition and, of course, your love for the kitten, have an important influence on the development of your pet.
Kittens of the pet class is an excellent choice for those who want to have a pedigreed animal as a pet.
This is the best choice if you are not a professional in felinology, not the owner of the cattery or have limited financial resources.

Which class to choose: top-show, show, breed, pet?

In conclusion of the article I want to tell those who decided to buy Scottish kitten and are faced with the choice of which class of kitten they need, the following: the division into classes is conditional and it has special importance only for professionals - people, who are passionate about the breed.
All kittens without exception are cute for lovers of this wonderful breed!
And owners love their pets regardless of their breed qualities.
The choice is yours, what kind of kitten is needed for you and why.
And we, the breeders, for our part, will gladly help make this choice right!

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