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The cost of a pedigreed Scottish kitten

So, you decided to buy pedigreed Scottish kitten and probably already faced an inexplicable spread of prices.
Here I will try to explain to you why in the cattery kitten is expensive and what is included in the cost of the kitten.

A cattery is a licensed activity for the breeding of pedigree cats!

Let's start with the fact that a cattery, first of all, is a licensed activity for the breeding of pedigree cats, which is officially registered in one of the international feline systems.
Only a breeder who has a diploma of a felinologist has the right to register a cattery.

There are no random matings in the cattery! All litters are planned and long-awaited!

Professional breeder competently makes couples, buys new cats, which cost from 1000 to 3000€.

All animals are examined for various diseases, they attend exhibitions at the local level and travel to other cities/countries, receive mandatory marks from licensed experts.
Breeders raise the level of knowledge (seminars in different cities).

ONLY healthy and high breed quality animals are allowed in breeding in the cattery.
The breeder is a member of the club. The club controls the activity of the cattery. The club issues documents for kittens.
The work of the cattery is aimed at obtaining healthy offspring, which will be as close as possible to the standard of the breed.
Nursery is a guarantee that you will get a real pedigreed Scottish kitten, and not a "British Fold" from two the same "British Fold" parents with hereditary or acquired flaws.

British Folds do not exist!

Remember! British Folds do not exist!
If the seller proudly declares that he do not have a cattery - you can be sure that you are dealing with an amateur who, after putting your money in a pocket for a kitten, will simply stop answering calls.
He will absolve himself of all responsibility for problems with health and education of a kitten.
The nursery, on the contrary, has its own face, its site and protects its reputation.It is important for the breeder to know the fate of his graduates and he is always ready to help.

Kittens from the cattery leave their home no earlier than at the age of 12 weeks old, they have good immunity, they are completely socialized.

Bad breeders do not want to spend money on proper nutrition for animals, vaccinations and training to the tray.
This is why they try to sell very small kittens.

What determines the cost of a pedigreed Scottish kitten?

Thirst for money is not the goal of the cattery!
Professional breeding of cats involves a lot of costs, which are hardly covered by the sale of kittens, among them: purchase of valuable breeding cats, expenses for their show career, veterinary expenses, club membership fees, proper feeding and growing of your future kitten, obligatory de-worming and vaccinations (the competent and timely actions of the breeder determine the health of your pet in the future).

However, this is not all!
Scottish Fold breed is very popular.
You can always see its brightest representatives at cat shows and on the Internet.
However, not every kitten with folded ears is pedigreed kitten!
Documents of a kitten - the main confirmation of the breed.

Also, the cost of a kitten depends on the color, type and class of the kitten.
More common colors (for example: blue, lilac, mackrel, marble) are cheaper than rare and very complex in obtaining golden and silvery colors: chinchilla, shaded, ticked.

By type also there are differences. Even in one litter kittens can be different. Someone has a phenotype as close to the standard of the breed, someone has a weaker one.
And, of course, the quality of the kitten - class.
Pedigreed kittens are divided into three classes:

  • top-show or show class;
  • breed class;
  • pet class.

The higher the kitten class, the more expensive the kitten!
More information about classes of kittens in the article "Classes of pedigreed kittens"

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