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Terms and conditions to purchase kitten from AlvaRoss cattery

All kittens from our cattery leave the house not earlier than at the age of 12 weeks old (after the necessary de-worming, vaccination by age and quarantine).

What documents will a kitten from our AlvaRoss cattery have?

Each kitten, regardless of its class, when transferring to a new owner will have:

  1. a birth certificate (document of the club, confirming the origin, belonging to the breed, the class of the kitten at the time of litter registration);
  2. a veterinary passport of an international standard with notes on deworming, vaccinations (with the signatures and seals of a veterinarian);
  3. a conclusion of the veterinarian, confirming the health of the kitten at the time of transfer to the new owner);
  4. recommendations for kitten growing and care;
  5. if the animal is purchased for breeding work - a pedigree and a certificate of chipping (at the expense of the future owner).

We conclude a contract of transfer of the kitten with each future owner.

The cattery assists future nonresident / foreign owners of our kittens in:

  • registration of veterinary documents for departure (certificate from the state veterinary clinic F1);
  • chipping;
  • delivery for transfer to the accompanying person to the International Airport (VOG), bus or train station (Volgograd-1);
  • purchase of a special cage for transportation of an animal, at the expense of the purchaser;
  • we will also render all possible assistance in finding a suitable method of delivery or courier.

You must send me the rules of importing animals to your country before the date of the alleged shipment of the animal.

You can come to us for your future pet, we will give you the opportunity to see the baby, his parents, talk with him, and see the conditions of keeping of our animals.

What is the difference between the conditions for purchasing a kitten without breeding rights from the conditions for purchasing a kitten with breeding rights in our cattery?!

All kittens, purchased as pets, without the right of breeding, move to new houses already neutered / sterilized.

We take care that the appearance in your home of a new member of the family became a joyous event that will not be burdened with problems with the kitten's training to the toilet and scratching. This is why we begin to engage in the education of kittens from an early age.

We are ready to make test for carriage of certain genes or hereditary diseases, as well as other medical examinations for our kittens, or to show the kitten that you liked at the international cat show in Volgograd for the expert's confirmation of kitten's breed class (on request and at the expense of the potential owner).

To Volgograd, Volzhsky and Volgograd region - all kittens-boys are offered ONLY without the right of breeding.

Delivery of the kitten to another city / country is carried out by prior arrangement of the parties by me personally or by courier delivery at the expense of the purchaser.

Are there any reasons why we can deny you the purchase of a kitten from us?


Sorry, but we will deny you the purchase of a kitten from us if:

  • you need a small kitten younger than 3 months old;
  • you want to take a kitten as a toy to yourself or your child;
  • you do not plan to engage in breeding, but you do not need a neutered kitten;
  • you think that free access to the street is necessary for cats and plan to release a kitten for a walk unattended;
  • you think that it is easier to do surgery to remove the kitten's claws than teach him to scratching;
  • you think that feeding cats with professional food is harmful;
  • you can not afford to feed the kitten all his life with professional super premium foods and meat;
  • you often leave home for a long time and you will not have anyone with whom you leave your pet.

Buying a kitten - is a responsible step.
Because this kitten will become a member of your family for 15-20 years. I strongly recommend, before making this decision, to weigh all the pros and cons, to make allergic tests to all family members in order to avoid health problems and forced parting with the favorite pet of the whole family.
It is always very difficult for you and for your pet.

If you have any additional questions about purchasing a kitten in our cattery, you can write me a letter through the feedback form at the bottom of the page and I will answer you!

I sincerely hope for mutual understanding 🙂

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